Founder's Message

On behalf of Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare, I warmly welcome you to our website!

Over decades of practice as a medical professional, I have closely observed how advancements in the way we live has transformed habits, lifestyles, desires and thought processes of people. We are all running, not knowing where to, not pausing to think and reflect. My discontentment with what I was observing grew with time and I often found myself wondering where all those trusted doctors had vanished that each family boasted of, not so long ago. As they say, a family doctor, who would nonchalantly address and resolve most health issues of all the members of a family.

What I feel is that the advancements in medical science have instilled a false sense of confidence in people in general, who believe that there would be some kind of solution, even in advanced stages of health condition. People keep procrastinating and ignoring the symptoms because they can’t invest much time in it. So, we started Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare in 2004 with an intention to change the way we take care of ourselves and bring about a transformation in how we maintain our health.

With our passion and commitment, we wish to evoke the human element, the relief and belief people associated with doctors, something that has faded over the years gone by. Our goal for our patients and their families is a holistically healthier and more enriched life. We are committed to promote a quality lifestyle that restores the harmony of mental and physical health. To achieve that, our team of certified healthcare experts has thoughtfully designed wellness programs that cater to the unique needs of individuals in different phases of life backed by personalized care and support.Let’s begin our journey towards a healthier and fulfilling life for us and the people we care about. Together we change outlook, together we transform health!

Dr. JPS Bakshi

Founder - Dr. Bakshi's Healthcare