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Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare Private Limited (DBH) was established in 2004 as one-of-its-kind wellness unit with an aim to provide holistic healthcare solutions to people across all ages. At DBH, we intend to identify the ‘whys’, address the ‘whats’ and guide through the ‘hows’ of achieving complete wellbeing of your mind and body. With our specialized offering of ‘The Wellness Quintet’ we approach healthcare with an integrative mindset of identifying the root cause with advanced investigations, proactive interventions and transformative solutions aimed at creating sustainable wellness.

Why Choose Us ?

100+ Wellness Programs

Over 3 decades of rich experience

Expert panel of certified healthcare professionals

Special emphasis on privacy and confidentiality

End-to-end personalized holistic solutions

In-house research and development team

The mnemonic is a bird’s eye view of a lotus flower where each petal is depicted in a different colour. A lotus flower signifies self-regeneration and enlightenment. The alternative solutions offered at Dr. Bakshi’s ensure a healing process that heals and rejuvenates your body, mind and soul. The arrangement of the petals sets into form a white plus insignia at the center. This universally depicts the healthcare sector. With a mindset to redefine the process of healing and wellness, healthcare is at the root of all the services.


“I have had a few very fulfilling sessions with Kaleidoscope. I would highly recommend their service!!”

“I reached it suffering from crippling anxiety. Kaleidoscope team has been GOD sent for me. Calmly, empathetic ally, guiding me through turbulent thoughts, nerve-wrecking anxiety, trepidations, breathlessness... all the while assuring me that I wasn’t alone, I could beat this. Perfect Psychologists.”

“The problem I was facing was bloating, for which I got Food Allergy tests done. I have gone on a diet and the results have been instant. The bloating, boils on the head, and the feeling of being distended has gone away completely. It’s just been amazing and it feels great that at the right juncture I got in touch with the DBH Team.”

“I had been trying for years to sought out my health issues. The nutritionists helped me in making the right adjustments in my diet and lifestyle. They also cleared many misconceptions I has about food and now I feel more energetic than I had ever felt earlier. Really appreciate your guidance & support.”

“Thanks to the DBH Team, me and my family are determined to make our body healthier. I can already see things moving in the right direction for my kids and slightly for myself too.”

“It has been years since I have endured occasional severe pain in my arm and fingers. I tried several treatments and medications but nothing worked. After I got in touch with the DBH team, I got valuable guidance which helped me feel better over a period of time and the pain I was going through soon settled.”

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